Deluxe Logo Design Services Review

Deluxe Corporation Logo Design Services

Deluxe offers two main options for logos,

  • Design your own logo with Deluxe’s LogoMaker app with prices starting at $39.95
  • Have a Deluxe Corporation graphic artist design a custom logo for you with prices starting at $99.00

Speaking of logos, the company Deluxe Corporation has just unveiled its own new logo design. The new one is up above and of course, most people in the U.S. probably recognize their previous logo design, used for several decades, shown below.

Deluxe Corporations old logo design

Logos are more important than they seem. Their purpose is to make your brand or business stand out from the rest, to give your business a good, strong impression. The logo can also symbolize the company’s core values.

Deluxe website logo designs

The logo represents the brand or business and reflects the brand’s message. Your logo should be easily recognizable, strong, yet simple. Appealing, yet has substance. These are some pretty tall orders, yet they need to be met. If you have the knack, you can design a logo yourself, or you can have someone like Deluxe be in charge of your logo design.

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Deluxe logo design website

Deluxe Logo Design Prices & Plans

deluxe logo design prices

deluxe logo design plans prices 2020

You can look through the web to find out that there are many reasons and meanings of why famous brand logos were meant to look the way they do. Take Target, for instance. Theirs is a straightforward logo of a red dot surrounded by a red circle, a simple target.

However, there are deeper meanings that pierce the subconscious in the very simple logo, as opposed to its previous incarnation is simply the company’s name. The color red, for instance, means importance, attention, and passion when it comes to business. The white between the red circles could mean cleanliness, virtue, and wealth, all positive things. And lastly, circles convey endurance, community, and friendship.

It could be just a coincidence, or a lot of thought was put into the design of the very simple Target logo. Should logos be professionally designed by companies such as Deluxe? The answer is YES, as many successful brands have been.

image FedEx

Another example of clever logo design is from FedEx. Between the large E and small x is a barely noticeable white arrow. It’s not too obvious to keep the logo’s simplicity, but it’s there to subliminally suggest speed. And you might notice that the colors of the word ‘Ex’ changes depending on the division (Express, Ground, Freight, Office, and Trade Networks). Orange (Express) means transportation and optimism; red (Freight) could mean passion or courage; green (Ground) could mean growth or environment, and light blue (Office) could mean communication and technology.

image Apple

In the case of Apple computer, it was first a DIY approach by Steve jobs and one Ronald Wayne, which showed Isaac Newton under an apple tree. It, of course, had deeper meaning given Steve Jobs’ artistic background since Isaac Newton was a man who revolutionized science (with Apple being a technology company).

And of course, the simple fact it was made possible because of an apple. And even though the old logo gave a message, it wasn’t impressionable and gave off an impression of classic literature instead of cutting edge technology. So Apple computer decided to approach a professional logo designer for improvement.

Fast forward to today, the current logo better represents the company because it, of course, represents an apple. The bite of the apple is a simple pun of the word byte linking it to the computer industry. However, some say that the bite of the apple was a tribute to scientist Alan Turing, the father of modern computing who committed suicide by taking a bite out of a cyanide-laced apple. A pretty dark yet meaningful message that’s not known by the masses outside scientific circles.

Anyway, this goes to show the importance of giving deeper meaning to company or brand logos as well as the importance of having logos be professionally designed by companies such as Deluxe, in order for them to become more recognizable, profound and long-lasting.

We’ve mentioned Deluxe several times because Deluxe is one of the best professional logo design companies available on the market. The company has been around since 1915, pioneering in the check printing business and later diversifying to small business financing, providing technology solutions, web hosting, digital marketing, and printing, which includes a professional logo design.

And because logo design can be crucial to your business or brand/s, you’ll need a professional-looking logo to stand out and become sellable.

There are two ways you can get a professional logo through Deluxe Logo Design. One way is to create the logo yourself through their online LogoMaker, which is easy to use and takes only a few steps. The online logo maker allows you to choose from several logo styles and will come out with a large selection of predefined logos according to the brand name/company name, tagline, and logotype.

LogoMaker website

The predefined logo you choose can then be edited to your tastes or to principles of logo creation, which you can study on the web. The final logo, however, can be saved after signing up and paying for it starting at $39.95. A bit steep, but through the experience, you’ll have to admit that Deluxe has taken about 50% to 75% off the effort to produce a great looking logo.

The second method is to allow the professionals to do it who has years of experience in creating logos based on the principles of good logo design. The logo designer could get you so far. With the professional option, you get two unique concepts for $99. Each professionally designed option could definitely work on their own, plus you’ll have the opportunity to have the drafts revised, and of course, you’ll retain full ownership of the design.

Deluxe Logo Design Prices

There are five professional plans available, depending on your needs:

  • Starter Plan of $99 – nets you 2 logo designs and two revisions
  • Bronze Plan of $195 – nets you 4 design concepts with 3 design revisions
  • Silver Plan of $395 – nets you 3 design concepts, 3 design revisions, black and white versions for pre-printed forms and a stationery design
  • Gold Plan of $645 – depending on how important your logo is for your brand, will get you 10 design concepts, 3 design revisions, black and white versions, a stationery design, 1000 printed business cards, lifetime file storage, fonts and color codes.

All plans are deliverable within 5 days, with up to 8 designers working on the projects depending on the plan. Deluxe Logo Design has helped thousands of companies with their logos to great success. The DIY option already looks promising, but the professional option practically guarantees success.