Top 8 Best LLC Formation Services 2021

The Best LLC Service In 2021 Is Fast, Accurate, Affordable, Reliable, And Has Customer Service That Supports You And Your New Business Entity.

Want to jump straight to the answer? We think the best LLC service for most people is Incfile. Northwest Registered Agent and Swyft Filings follow next. We found Incfile to be the cheapest LLC service with the most features.

  1. Incfile  ($0 + state fee)  Editor’s Choice!
  2. Northwest Registered Agent   Editor’s Choice!
  3. Swyft Filings 
  4. Inc Authority
  5. ZenBusiness
  6. MyCorporation
  7. Rocket Lawyer
  8. CorpNet

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Filing by yourself can lead to mistakes and delays, but getting a new business created with a professional formation service is the affordable, quick, and worry-free way to go. 

These online business formation services know the requirements for each state, and they have streamlined the process in a quick and orderly way. Let them do the paperwork, take care of the required elements, and start your business today.  

Forming a business incorporated as an LLC is easy with an LLC service. These are the top 8 most popular LLC services available today and our favorite picks for the best online LLC formation services for 2021. 

Best LLC Services 2021


Our #1 Pick For The Best LLC Service Is, That Little Ol’ Business From Texas, Incfile

 Incfile LLC Services

Incfile logo

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Editor’s Choice!  500,000+ Formations!
Based In Texas Since 2004!
Formations & Registered Agent Services In 50 States
No Contracts, No Hidden Fees!

Incfile website front Page 2021

Business Formation Prices

  • Silver Package: $0.00
  • Gold Package: $149
  • Platinum Package: $299

Most Popular Plan: $149 + state fee
Business formation includes,

  • Preparing and filing articles of organization
  • FREE registered agent service 1st year
  • EIN business tax number
  • Operating agreement
  • Banking resolution

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Northwest Registered Agent

northwest registered agent logo

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Editor’s Choice!  Professional LLC Service!

The Premier Registered Agent Service In America
Offices In 50 States!

Privacy by Default

Top 8 Best LLC Formation Services 2021 1

Monthly Plans Available, Any State!

Monthly VIP Service
Northwest Registered Agent VIP Monthly Plan

Texas LLC Formation + Reg. Agent + state fee = $54 Out The Door!

That’s Cheap!

Northwest Monthly Plans

California: LLC Formation + Registered Agent + State Fee = $37/mo. 😲
$37 Gets You Out The Door With A Newly Formed Business in California or Georgia! 😲

  • California LLC $37/mo
  • Texas LLC $54/mo
  • Georgia LLC $37/mo

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Swyft Filings LLC Services 

swyft filings logo

Fast and Affordable Formations!
Texas-Based Company

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#4 best LLC service 3d blue 

Inc Authority LLC Services

Inc Authority logo
Basic Plan Free + state fee (Limited features)

  • Popular Plan is $399 + state fee

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#5 best LLC service in 3d blue     

ZenBusiness LLC Services

ZenBusiness Logo 2021

100,000+ formations over the last year!

Another Texas-Based Company

$49 + state fee

  • Fast and simple LLC formation
  • Worry-free services and support
  • 100% accuracy guarantee

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logo mycorporation

A Division of Deluxe Corporation!

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Rocket Lawyer

rocketlawyer logo

Great For Ongoing Legal Services!

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CorpNet logo

20 Years of Experience!

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Runner Up, LegalZoom
We think LegalZoom’s prices are over-priced. If you want a well-known brand name and you are willing to pay double in many cases, LegalZoom might be a good fit for you. Just be sure to read the LegalZoom user reviews first.

LLC Service Pricing For Their Popular Plans    

Northwest Registered Agent $225
Monthly Plans Available!


Free 1st Year Registered Agent Service

Swyft Filings


Inc Authority






Rocket Lawyer




 The prices above do not include state fees. Prices are subject to change.

Main Business Structures


  • Sole Proprietor  – Simple, one person is responsible for all the company’s profits and debts.

  • LLC –  What is an LLC? What does L.L.C. mean? LLC stands for limited liability company. Although the exact definition can vary from state to state, an LLC is generally a business entity separate from its owners, known as members. An LLC with a single member will be taxed as if it is a sole proprietorship. If the LLC has more than one individual member, it will be taxed similarly to a partnership. The LLC is treated as a pass-thru entity, avoids double taxation. Partners or LLC members are the owners. Getting started requires some legalities but nothing like a corporation. A limited liability company is a structure that allows owners, partners, or members to limit their liabilities while enjoying the tax and flexibility benefits of a partnership. It does not require formalities like C Corp. Flexibilities on the different ways to distribute income. Each state has its own rules for naming an LLC. Still, most of the states require a business name to be distinguishable from any other name, and it must contain, in the end, one of the following: “Limited Liability Company,” “LLC,” or “L.L.C.”

  • S Corp – Unlike an LLC and C Corp, an S Corp is not a business entity. An S Corp refers to the way a business has chosen to be taxed. S Corporations provide some personal liability protection and tax savings, also known as pass-thru entities. The S Corp is not subject to federal income taxes. Avoids double taxation, much like LLCs, they provide more limited liability protection than sole proprietorships. They require some paperwork to form the S Corp but less than a C Corp. fewer formalities than C Corp. Flexibilities on distributing income. 

  • C Corp –  Corporations are owned by the shareholders taxed as separate entities. Much more formalities are needed to form the corporation. Corporation law requires a board of directors, meetings, and minute recording. Income is distributed to shareholders. A corporation will be taxed as an S Corp or C Corp.

  • PBC – Public-benefit corporations are a specific type of corporation that allows for public benefit to be a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporate goal of being profitable. 

  • Non Profit – Charity purposes and get rewarded with tax exemptions.

How To Create An LLC?

Although the steps and requirements to form an LLC might be slightly different in each state, we have listed the 9 main steps to create an LLC.

Step 1: Select a State
Step 2: Choose a Name For Your LLC
Step 3: Choose a Registered Agent
Step 4: Prepare An LLC Operating Agreement
Step 5: File Organizational Paperwork With the State
Step 6: Obtain a Certificate From the State
Step 7: Obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number)
Step 8: Obtain a Business Bank Account
Step 9: Register To Do Business in the Other States (Optional)

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a responsible third party in the same state as the business. In simple terms, they collect the mail for your LLC or corporation and stay on standby to receive and reply to correspondence related to the LLC. A registered agent is a person or company designated to accept, send, and process legal papers on behalf of the LLC or corporation.

Registered agent service office

Incfile’s Registered Agent Service $119/year

1st Year Registered Agent Service Is Free With Formation Package

Every state requires business entities such as Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships to appoint a registered agent during the business formation process. Registered agents are needed in the case of a lawsuit. They also provide the LLC members another layer of privacy.

What is an LLC Operating Agreement?

An LLC operating agreement documents the structure of working and financial relationships between the co-owners (members). In an operating agreement, the co-owners should establish each owner’s ownership percentage share in the LLC, their share of profits, their responsibilities and rights, and how an owner leaving will be handled.

ZenBusiness explains the LLC operating agreement on its website,

What is an operating agreement and why do I need one?
An operating agreement is a document that protects the owner’s personal assets from the actions of the LLC, clearly outlines which actions are acceptable for the business, and creates a succession plan should the owner exit the business.
You have full control over how to write your operating agreement, but it’s important to follow standard formats to ensure you protect your interests and support your company as it grows.
Additional benefits of an LLC operating agreement
Avoids some of the default rules of the state where you form your LLC
Without an operating agreement, your LLC will default to some of the standard rules and guidelines set by the state.
Helps secure funding from investors and lenders
Operating agreements outline legal and financial details like decision-making authority and how funds are used that can be helpful when trying to secure funding for your business.

Incfile LLC service    ZenBusiness Logo 2021      swyft filings LLC service logo MyCorporation LLC service logo

Inc Authority LLC service logo

northwest registered agent logo   CorpNet LLC service logo

Online LLC Service Reviews

Starting a company is a considerable risk for a group of individuals, let alone a single person. Aside from running the business, other expenses to worry about are taxation, legal requirements, and even possible litigation.

The best way for startups and small businesses to mitigate some of these high costs is by finding an affordable way to form a business entity such as an LLC, C Corp, or S-Corp. 

Moreover, what if you do business in several states and need a registered agent in multiple states? Attorney services can be costly. Still, today there are online legal services that can assist you with these things.

You can get it done quickly, correctly, and at a reasonable price. We hope you can benefit from our comparison of the best online LLC formation and incorporation services. 

Well-known brand LegalZoom did not make our list of the Top 8 Best LLC Formation Services. We think their prices are high.

Comparing The Best LLC Services

#1 Best LLC Formation Service


Incfile LLC and incorporation service

button lite green visit incfile LLC and incorporation service

We have rated Incfile the #1 best LLC service for 2021. They are simply a great company with decades of experience in forming new businesses. If you want the cheapest LLC formation and incorporation service with years of proven experience, Incfile is the best LLC service for you.

Incfile's LLC Prices

Ordinary folks turned entrepreneurs who want to run a business without getting too embroiled in paperwork require services that are more knowledgeable in dealing with the legal requirements of government. Among these agents is Incfile, whose services include company formation, statutory compliance, and IRS filing.

IncFile assists businesses on how to become a C-corporation, an S-corporation, a nonprofit organization, and a limited liability company.


Incfile LLC and incorporation service website front Page 2021Becoming a limited liability company offers small businesses minimum compliance requirements, some protection from debt and litigation, but ties the company taxes to the personal taxes of its members (known as pass-through taxation), which has some benefits; until the company matures to become something more significant.

When we compare online business formation services or registered agent services, Incfile always comes out on top as one of the best LLC services available.

Since 2004, Incfile has helped with over 500,000 company formations and continues to assist them with their legal requirements. Given that base, IncFile is a company that is more than capable.

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

Incfile updated its Silver Package price last year on October 18, 2019. The new price for the Silver Package is now $0.00 and includes preparing and filing the Articles of Organization.

Still, the additional features most new businesses need, like getting an EIN, can be purchased as add-ons. I think most people will skip the Silver and go straight to the Gold or Platinum Package, where these features are already included.

Incfile’s “Gold Package” for $149 plus the state fee includes IncFile’s core features and an impressive list of services along with their “highly recommended” Employer Identification Number/Tax ID (EIN)

  • Verify Company Name Availability – Check if your chosen company name is available in your state.

  • Preparation & Filing of Articles

  • Next Business Day Processing

  • Employer Identification Number/Tax ID (EIN)
  • Registered Agent Service (1st Year FREE)  –  $119 for every succeeding year
  • Lifetime Company Alerts – a personal dashboard that will alert you of legal deadlines and updated state requirements.

  • Online Order Status Tracking

  • Free Business Tax Consultation – a free hour-long professional business tax consultation.

  • Lifetime Customer Support

  • Online Access to Incorporation Documents

Incfile focuses on the basics above to keep things simple for everyone compared to similar companies that offer more features. One can say that their services are optimized.

There are three packages they refer to as Silver ($0), Gold ($149), and Platinum ($299), wherein Gold is applicable for most companies where Platinum can be considered as Gold with candy sprinkles on top but may cater to many companies with special requirements.

The Gold package includes the provision to process an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which many know as the company equivalent of a person’s social security number. Also included are corporate forms, banking resolution, and a custom corporate kit.

button lite green visit incfile for LLC and incorporation services

The Platinum package includes all the above plus features such as a company website that people can efficiently work with on Wix or Weebly plus business contract templates? It’s quite a point of contention, especially with the price jump from $149 to $299. This is why earlier, we mentioned that everyone is better off with the Gold package.

However, for anyone who does not want to bother asking for another service or hiring a lawyer to speak and write legalese, professional lawyers write these extra 25 contract templates. However, the main advantage of the Platinum package is expedited filing, which speeds up the process of incorporation if you’re in a hurry to get your business started.

Compared to other business formation services on the web, IncFile is the more affordable option and offers more to the core package than leader Legalzoom. Reviews for Incfile based on their website have so far been unanimously positive except for one major flaw for people in a hurry.

Depending on your state, it can take as long as eight weeks to complete a filing, but mostly depending on how complicated your state can be and delayed responses from customer support.

For Texas, Incfile says the standard filing time is 1 week. Purchase the $50 expedited add-on and get the filing done in 2 business days!

For 16 years, Incfile kept an A+ rating with the BBB, but its Better Business Bureau rating has slipped with short-term issues during the Covid pandemic. Incfile’s customer reviews on Shopper Approved continue to be strong in early 2021. Many people consider Incfile to definitely be one of the best LLC services available in 2021.

Incfile Customer Support

Incfile LLC and incorporation service address and Contact info

Check out our LLC service comparison, Incfile vs. LegalZoom 2021

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#2 Best LLC Formation Service

Northwest Registered Agent 

Northwest Registered Agent logo

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Why Northwest Registered Agent?
Answer –
Privacy & Expert Registered Agents & The Best Monthly Plans!

Northwest Registered Agent is a full-service LLC formation and incorporation service. They happen to be expert registered agents and highly regarded in the industry. Northwest R.A. ranks at #1 on our best LLC service list for 2021.

Northwest R.A. is a bit more expensive than others, but these guys are for you if you want to keep things private and have a registered agent take care of business and not be annoying.

Getting into business is not as simple as choosing the industry you’ll be in or choosing between being a single proprietor, a partnership, or a corporation. Whatever you want from the latter three, you’ll need to decide what your business structure will be.

For small businesses, it’s best to be registered as a limited liability company or an LLC. The words limited liability sound good from the get-go, as LLCs allow for a level of protection against debt, litigation, as well as taxation for the company’s owners.

northwest registered agent logo

Such things will be shouldered by the company as an entity and not by the owners, except taxation will be based on the owner’s fixed income. Now, most entrepreneurs are more interested in the actual running of the business rather than all the paperwork involved.

So, fortunately, many companies do such things for them. One such company is called Northwest that provides registered agents that serve as the businesses’ contact for legal matters with the state.

What About State Fees?

Northwest Pays State Fees Upfront! 

(Texas LLC Formation Example)

Northwest Monthly Plan With Texas State Fee Include In The Monthly Price

Northwest Registered Agent New Plans

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Several companies can be found on the web that specializes in helping people form their limited liability companies.

Northwest differentiates itself from other business formation services because it allows companies to affordably declare themselves as LLCs in multiple states, not that the others don’t do so.

Still, Northwest gives its customers more significant discounts the more states they apply for. This makes Northwest the perfect LLC formation company for any entity that wants to cover several states at once.

  • Northwest offers a discount for the fourth to ninth states and an additional discount for every additional state. That’s their premium feature. Other good points for Northwest include:

  • Northwest registered agents offer a more personal touch with clients instead of the bland recorded-like manner of other companies. Clients immediately reach a knowledgeable professional instead of having to go through annoying automated menus.

  • An easy-to-use online form system minimizes redundancy by asking for data on relevant fields only once and automatically populating the fields of other forms with the same information. People hate forms, especially redundant ones, and legal endeavors such as registering a business entity tend to use many.

  • Northwest is diligent in scanning all legal documents received by their clients, so all documents have digital copies if needed. This makes the registered agent much more transparent with the client, and the scans are sent in real-time, so the client will not run into surprises. The scanning service is free.

  • An overwhelmingly positive feedback record comes in handy considering their higher rates than others despite their multi-state discount.

Northwest also has a different pricing structure compared to the others. They charge a flat annual rate of $125 per registration. They charge $125 per state for the first three states, $115 for four to nine states, and $100 for ten states or more.

Aside from this multi-state discount, they pull all the stops for recording, scanning, and sending documents. Clients are informed every time in real-time when there’s anything new.

The annual $125. A subscription gives the client 365 days of premium registered agent service, a secure online portal to help clients manage the documents, access to forms varying from state to state, and a lifetime of client support.

However, instead of $125 annually, compared to other services, clients need only pay $100 annually if they apply for more than nine states while others charge more. That’s at least some savings in the long run.

The only drawback to considering Northwest as a registered agent is that it hurts the pocket the first time, unlike other companies that charge below $50 for the first year of service. Still, these guys are the registered agent experts.

northwest registered agent logo

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#3 Best LLC Formation Service

swyft filings LLC formation and incorporation service logo

button visit swyft filings LLC formation and incorporation service

Need it fast? Swyft Filings says,  “Form an LLC Today in as Few as 10 Minutes.”

You need an online LLC service, and you need it now.  Right? 

Well, you won’t find a better match for your needs than this Houston, Texas-based LLC formation and incorporation service.

Swyft Filings is the third Texas company on our 2021 list of best LLC services.

More than just another company out there with a name and a half-formed idea, Swyft Filings specializes in business formation for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Swyft Filings has 3 LLC formation and incorporation plans available, Basic $49 + state fee, Standard $149 + state fee, and Premium $299 + state fee. With each of these three plans getting their registered agent service is $149 per year extra.

An online LLC service that will offer online legal service when and where you need it is an excellent match for those looking specifically for business formation services that can be done from their own home or office. 

The goal is to prioritize comfort, comprehension, and, of course, professionalism.  Allow Swyft to help you make the most out of your LLC or corporation formation by doing all of the hard work for you and still meeting your budget.

They are ready to help you reach your dreams, whatever they may be.

  • Online business formation service so that you can do what you have to from the comfort of your own home
  • Operating in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.
  • Cheap LLC formation and incorporation service to meet all expectations and budgets for those who need it
  • Swyft Filings will offer support that will surpass the competition in all of the right ways.

We rank Swyft Filings near the top of our best LLC service for 2021 because they offer quick business formation and processing.

button visit swyft filings LLC formation and incorporation service

#4 Best LLC Formation Service

Inc Authority 

Inc Authority LLC service logo
button visit Inc Authority


Another one of the cheapest LLC formation and incorporation services available for 2021 is Inc Authority. We rank them #4 best LLC service. Inc Authority can get your business started for $0.00. They refer to themselves as the “Home of the FREE LLC and Corporation.”

One of the top players among incorporation businesses, Inc Authority, has formed over 110,000 LLCs and corporations throughout the United States since 1989. Inc Authority provides affordable business entity formations, including the drafting and filing corporations’ limited liability companies.

By offering a free processing and formation service, Inc Authority hopes to earn a customer’s trust and then earn that customer’s business for life. According to Trustpilot reviews, this business model seems to work pretty well for both parties.

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#5 Best LLC Formation Service


ZenBusiness Z Logo 250x250

Another Top Pick For Best LLC Formation Service

button visit zenbusiness LLC formation service

For 2021, we have ranked ZenBusiness near the top of our best LLC service. They offer one of the cheapest LLC and corporation formation services available, with prices starting at just $49. plus state fee.

ZenBusiness offers professional business formations with discounted prices and top-quality services, including Registered Agent, EIN, banking, ongoing compliance, and much more!

They use technology and transparency to create an experience that is fast, friendly, affordable, and hassle-free. Get your LLC or corporation formed and receive your first year of Registered Agent services for free! Second-year just $119. 

ZenBusiness has been on top of our list for the best incorporation services for 2 years. This is due to their outstanding value, features, and customer support.

Find Your State’s Filing Fee

Step #1
Visit ZenBusiness and click “Start Now.”

Step #2
Enter “LLC” or “Corporation,” select your state, and the state’s filing fee amount appears.
The state determines filing fees.

Texas state fee $300.
Some states are $45. some are $100.

button visit zenbusiness LLC formation service

Get Your Business Name Reserved 

Not ready to form your LLC or Corporation today?

ZenBusiness can get your new business name reserved so no one else can take it. After that, you can form your new business when you are ready.

Comparing ZenBusiness Pricing Plans

The Starter Plan Is Just $49 + state fee
Starter Plan
The Starter Plan is $49 plus state LLC or corporation fees. The Starter Plan includes Standard Filing, an Operating Agreement. Registered Agent Services are optional at $99/yr.
The Starter Plan also includes phone and real-time chat support, along with a personalized account dashboard. You will have your LLC or corporation formed in about 1 to 3 weeks.
Pro Plan
The Pro Plan is $199. Plus state LLC, corporation filing fees. Business formation in about 4-6 business days. The Pro Plan includes everything from starter plus: quicker formation turnaround time, a worry-free compliance guarantee, an employer ID number, free CPA consultation, domain name registration, and operating agreement & bylaws.
If you only need a select number of LLC services, ZenBusiness offers flexible options also.
ZenBusiness Has An A La Carte Option ‘Build-Your-Own’ 
Service Pricing
Registered Agent Service $99 per year
Worry-Free Guarantee $129 per year
Employer ID Number (EIN) $70 one-time charge
Business Filing $49

Need a Business Website?

Get A Business Website For Your Company

The ZenBusiness Premium Plan Includes a Business Website, Domain Name, and Website Dashboard

A website can also be added to the Pro Plan or Starter Plan
Website $100/year
Domain Name $25/year

ZenBusiness offers all customers a personalized dashboard to set up and customize their domain name and website at any time from a computer or mobile device.

✅ Set up your domain name

✅ Select a website template

✅ Customize your content and designs

✅ Generate new leads and customers

✅ Take payment from your website

View ZenBusiness Website Examples Here

Compliance Worry-Free Guarantee

This feature makes ZenBusiness a beautiful choice for forming a new business. Compliance and due dates, “When is this due?” When is that due?”

The ZenBusiness “Worry-Free Guarantee” feature is included in both the Pro and Premium plans.

Premium LLC Plan

The Premium Plan is $299 plus state LLC or corporation filing fees. The Premium business formation service includes everything from Pro, Starter plus: domain privacy protection, business email address, business bank account, monthly accounting services, Xero accounting software, accountant chat support, free insurance quote.

ZenBusiness also offers several different a la carte services, including annual reports, New York Publication, Amendment, Certificate of Good Standing, Business Insurance, and more.

If you are looking for a professional, reliable company to get your business off the ground, contact ZenBusiness today with your information and get your business started on the best foot possible. Many people on Trustpilot consider them to be the best LLC service.


ZenBusiness Logo 2021
From the ZenBusiness website:
Why We Are Here

Many Americans dream of starting their own business but are reluctant to do so because of the daunting red tape and confusion. Keeping up with local, state, and federal regulations along with accounting, insurance, banking, and other obligations might force you to ask, “Where do I even start?” That is why we’re here.

Our Vision

We want to help small business owners realize their dreams by eliminating the barriers to starting and growing a new business. In doing so, we hope to radically shift the business landscape by empowering more people to be their own boss, become financially independent, and join our business community.

We have already helped thousands of business owners turn their dreams into reality, and we want to grow that to over 1 million new businesses within the next 5 years!

Our goal is to make the dream of starting a new business accessible to everyone across the country by offering free formation, discounted business services, and expert support.

Core Values

These three values serve as another important way we distinguish ourselves from competitors.

  1. Transparency – We strive to be transparent in everything we do by operating with honesty and integrity to earn your trust and ongoing business.
  2. Protection – We are committed to protecting you from the pitfalls of running a business by helping you stay in good standing with the government and avoid any liability issues.
  3. Paying It Forward – We select women-owned and minority-owned businesses in the US to loan money to each year, increasing the lending amount on a yearly basis. It’s another important way we help aspiring business owners reach their dreams. We do this through as a part of our role as a Public Benefit Corporation.

Unlike the competition, we use technology and automated processes to provide a fast and low-cost business formation service that meets your unique business needs.

It’s your participation that truly fuels our service and success! Our technology keeps our costs down and allows for a more customized experience. We’re able to provide free services and discounted prices because many of our customers – small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you – purchase add-on services and monthly package plans that subsidize our remaining costs.

The result is a low-cost, personalized formation with fast and friendly service for everyone!

ZenBusiness Customer Service is Available To Call or Chat
M-F 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Central Time
Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

ZenBusiness Logo 2021

button visit zenbusiness LLC formation service

#6 Best LLC Formation Service


logo mycorporation LLC formation and incorporation service

button visit mycorporation LLC formation and incorporation service

MyCorporation is an LLC formation service that was started way back in 1995. They are a branch of the parent company Deluxe Corporation, the leading check printing service everyone in the U.S. has probably used at some point in their life. MyCorporation comes in at #6 on our list of best LLC services for 2021

Since 1995, MyCorporation has served more than a million businesses. Despite facing intense competition, MyCorporation has managed to make a name for itself in the market.

You can use this review to determine whether MyCorporation’s LLC formation services are what you are looking for.


  • MyCorporation offers a business formation service that starts at $99. Their Standard Package is $124 and includes annual report services for 12 months and is good compared to average attorney fees. You can find other services with better pricing, but if you want a long history of business formations backed up by a well-known brand such as Deluxe Corporation, this could be a good choice for you.
  • Since its establishment in 1995, the firm has handled the formation of 1M+ businesses. Only LegalZoom, another industry giant, comes close to the experience that MyCorporation’s experts have accumulated.
  • Customer feedback reviews are mostly positive about the firm’s services. Despite having hundreds of verified customer reviews online, you will be hard-pressed to find any critical reviews about the firm’s offerings.


  • Nothing significant that we can think of 

Read our MyCorporation review or visit their website for more info.

button visit mycorporation LLC formation and incorporation service

#7 Best LLC Formation Service

Rocket Lawyer 

button visit rocket lawyer LLC formation and incorporation service

For those who want to form an LLC or corporation and receive ongoing legal service, our #1 choice for the best LLC service for legal assistance is Rocket Lawyer.

rocketlawyer LLC formation and incorporation service logo

Legal made simple – All the legal help you need. Anytime. Anywhere.

Rocket Lawyer has helped over 17 million businesses, families, and individuals make legal documents, get attorney advice, and confidently protect their futures.

  • 50,000,000+ documents created*
  • 240,000+ legal questions answered
  • 2,000,000+ businesses served

About Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer believes everyone deserves access to affordable and simple legal services.

Since 2008, they’ve helped over 17 million businesses, families, and individuals make legal documents, get attorney advice, and confidently protect their futures. From easy legal documents and business incorporation to discounted rates with outstanding lawyers, they are there to help every step of the way.

LLC Formation Non-Member – $99.99 + state fee

LLC Formation Premium Member – Free  for new members, 25% off after that + state fee

San Francisco-based Rocket Lawyer offers membership services for ongoing legal advice, documents, and business formation services. The Premium Member Plan is $39.99/month. Their 7-Day Free Trial gives access to Premium Member services including,

  • Unlimited access to all legal documents
  • Document reviews by an attorney
  • Discounts on Incorporation Services
  • Filing of one LLC formation application. For customer support beyond the 7-day trial, a membership subscription is required
  • On The Phone Legal Service, “Ask a Lawyer” questions
  • 30-minute attorney consultations on each new legal matter 
  • Up to 40% discount on attorney fees (For longer-term engagements)
  • eSigning
  • Online dashboard and document storage

The Premium package offers unlimited consultations with an attorney by phone, unlimited template access, and attorney review of up to six documents. You can utilize the Rocket Lawyer’s legal service “Ask a Lawyer” feature if you have a legal question. Plus, if you want to hire an attorney through the directory provided by Rocket Lawyer, you get 40% off the rates.

Rocket Lawyer vs. LegalZoom 

Rocket Lawyer is our favorite for businesses that will need ongoing legal advice and business formations. Rocket Lawyer is similar to LegalZoom regarding LLC formation pricing and services, Legalzoom charges $149 + state fee, and Rocket Lawyer non-member prices start at $99 + state fee.

Rocket Lawyer is our favorite for the best LLC service with the option of receiving ongoing legal services. When it comes to customer satisfaction and online reviews, the clear winner is Rocket Lawyer.

For a comparison visit,
Rocket Lawyer vs. Legalzoom: Best LLC Service


Rocket Lawyer FAQs

 What does Rocket Lawyer do? Rocket Lawyer is an online legal services company that connects people to the legal help they need. They make the law affordable and straightforward with thousands of easy-to-create legal documents, quick access to independent local attorneys, and more. 

What do I get as a member? 

  • Unlimited legal documents
  • Document reviews 
  • Unlimited Ask a Lawyer questions 
  • Discounts on representation fees when you hire a lawyer in our attorney network (up to 40% on hourly rates or as low as $125/hour) 
  • 30-minute attorney consultations on each new legal matter 

How do I create a document? Log in to your account. Use the search bar to look up a record by name or the Explore tab on your account home screen to browse the document library. 

Once you’ve chosen a document, follow the on-screen instructions to create your own. You can stop and come back to your document at any time from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Documents you create will are saved to your secure account. You can also copy, print, share, and sign your documents online. 

How do I contact an attorney? There are several ways to get in touch with a lawyer:

  • For simple questions, you can submit a short request online via our Ask a Lawyer service. One or more lawyers are expected to respond within approximately one business day.
  • For more complex matters, you can request a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer. To make your request, contact customer service or submit an Ask a Lawyer request and indicate that you’d like a response by phone. You can also click the red “Speak With A Lawyer” button from your logged-in dashboard panel.
  • You can hire a lawyer for ongoing representation. Rocket Lawyer On Call® attorneys generally offers Rocket Lawyer members 40% off their standard rate.
  • Alternatively, you can speak to the Rocket Lawyer customer representative or call them on the phone. Rocket Lawyer says they will contact you within one business day and connect you to a local lawyer. Members can only submit three lawyer connection requests at one time.

Rocket Lawyer is our favorite business formation company for ongoing legal advice and services.

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#8 Best LLC Formation Service


CorpNet LLC formation and incorporation service logo

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The Limited Liability Company or LLC is currently the popular business structure among startups in the United States.

The name alone inspires entrepreneurs who want to go to business with as little risk as possible. CorpNet has assisted entrepreneurs in forming over 100,000 businesses.

This strong track record gets them on our list of best LLC services in 2021.

What are the benefits of becoming a limited liability company, and what does it take to become one? Unfortunately, choosing a business structure and implementing it is a significant step in creating a business with lots of paperwork, from state to state.

Still, luckily, there are online LLC formation services available that can help at very reasonable prices.

These services help companies become registered as LLCs, and their registered agents help maintain that business structure as long as the company exists or matures into something bigger. Formation companies like Legalzoom, Incfile, Northwest, and Corpnet.

You can look them up with you know what, but first read about the benefits of LLCs and why Corpnet would be the perfect service for you to help your business become an S-Corporation, a C Corporation, a nonprofit organization, or a limited liability company.

Becoming an LLC With CorpNet

Incorporate a Business for $79 at CorpNet – Get Started with a FREE Business Name Search!

There are several benefits for businesses to register as LLCs. These include:

  • Limited liability – With limited liability, the owners’ personal assets are protected from the obligations of the business. Should the business go into debt or litigation, it will be the company’s assets that will be subject to and not the owner/s.

  • Pass-through Taxation means that the LLC owners won’t be taxed double, unlike C Corporations, whose earnings are taxed along with their respective owners’ incomes. The business tax is only reflected in the owners’ profits and losses.

  • Fewer Formalities – Large corporations and companies need to hold formal board and stockholders’ meetings to satisfy regulation. The only things required for the LLC include the company’s incorporation and the company’s Operating Agreement on how the company should be run.

  • Flexible Profit and Loss Allocation – LLCs are allowed to allocate profits and losses among their members. However, they wish. Thi,s is important because participation in the business is not equal in some companies. Taxation also becomes more flexible among members.

Limited Liability is always a good start for budding businesses, and companies like Corpnet assist in their formation.

Corpnet Features

Why is CorpNet the perfect choice for LLC formation assistance?

  • Corpnet has already helped in the formation of over 100,000 various types of companies. An astounding accomplishment for a husband and wife team who have been in the business for twenty years.

  • This dedication to their work has resulted in almost unanimous positive feedback from their clients, and Corpnet guarantees that unsatisfied customers can get their money back, no questions asked.

  • They offer free registered agent service to clients who take advantage of their top two service packages and 60 days free for their basic service. All three service tiers provide some form of flexibility.


CorpNet services:

  • Business Name Availability Check
  • 24-hour document preparation
  • Official Filed Articles of Organization
  • Free Corporate Compliance Tool
  • Free Registered Agent Service
  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Custom Operating Agreement and Minutes
  • Custom LLC Kit and Seal
  • State Fees
  • State Filing Fee
  • Standard Processing
  • Express Processing
  • 24-hour Processing
  • Print Delivery
  • Shipping and Handling

The drawback with Corpnet is the price of their package pricing. To make the most bang for the buck, clients are better off with their Complete Package instead of having to add premium amounts to their other packages.

Their main advantage is their seeming quality of service and personal touch. Their website is also very informative and easy to use.


Incfile is our pick for the best LLC service in 2021. Northwest Registered Agent is our choice for the best registered agent service. But we think any of the companies on the top of our list is much better than doing this paperwork on your own or hiring an attorney to do it for you. We hope you enjoyed this LLC services comparison guide and our picks for the best LLC filing and formation services for 2021.

Good luck. We hope you prosper.



Disclaimer: The LLC service companies mentioned here are document filing services; they are not law firms. The author of this article is not an attorney or a CPA; this article is for information purposes only and should not be construed as being advice. Please seek the guidance and advice of a qualified accountant, attorney, or law professional. The rankings and reviews are based on the writer’s research and opinion. 

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