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Northwest Registered Agent

Since 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has helped many thousands of people realize their dream of becoming the owner of an LLC, corporation, and non-profit organization by providing valuable assistance in registering their companies. 

Northwest Registered Agent provides the assistance needed to help individuals and their partners get their business started quickly.  

Northwest is regarded as the leader in registered agent services and customer support. In this review, we examine the features, prices, and plans that make Northwest stand out from the rest.

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5 Star Rating

5 Star rating

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Privacy By Default®

Northwest Business Formations Start at $100.
Registered Agent Prices Start at $125/year

Better Business Bureau Ratings

Northwest R.A. BBB Rating A+

Better Business Bureau rating for Northwest Registered Agent in 2021

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Why Northwest Registered Agent?

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For as low as $37, you can form an LLC, including one year of registered agent services, and have the state fees rolled into the payments.

California LLC, $37
Texas LLC $54
LLC Georgia $37

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The state fee in Texas is $300
For $54/mo, form an LLC in Texas
(state fee included).

Northwest Registered Agent Texas LLC Formation Monthly Price

Since 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has helped many thousands of people realize their dream of becoming the owner of an LLC, corporation, and non-profit organization by providing valuable assistance in registering their companies. 

Northwest Registered Agent provides the assistance needed to help individuals and their partners get their business started quickly.

Business Formation Services

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Northwest Registered Agent provides fast and efficient services to assist LLCs, corporations, nonprofits, and others in registering a company in their state.

Northwest Registered Agent offers core services to individuals who wish to register business entities with a registered representative as required by the state to create the formation papers.

Northwest Registered Agent

$100 LLC Formation, Filing, and Operating Agreement
$125 One-year Registered Agent Service
= $225

California LLC Formation + Registered Agent + Tax ID Number + State Fee = $37/mo

California LLC formation monthly price plan with registered agent service and state fee include, by Northwest Registered Agent


NorthwestFormation Services
$100 + State Fees

Although the initial price might seem high, consider that Northwest Registered Agent does much more than send documents to the capital.

It is also a cost to keep your information private. Northwest R.A. will not sell your information.

These registered agents are for you if you need privacy and expert assistance without being intrusive.

The price includes the following services that will help you get your business started.


To contact your business, you can use the Northwest Registered Agent’s local office. The following are some examples:

  • Principal
  • Mailing
  • Organizer

You can also use the address of the agent’s offices to protect your privacy. This could make a huge difference in setting up your company.

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Guides for Local Companies

A trained agent will assist you in setting up your business.

You will get the following services when you use them:

  • LLC Operating Agreement and LLC Bylaws
  • Files for Business on the Same Day
  • Stock certificates, memberships, and resolutions
  • Full Registered Agent Services

Added Services

Additional services are available for those who require more than just business formation services.

  • Initial Resolutions
  • Services for custom-drafted articles
  • Registration Agent Services for a Full Year

You will be properly represented if anything relates to the formation of the business, the documents, and if the laws change within twelve months.

You can also take advantage of the additional services for up to one year.

You can then decide whether to remain with Northwest Registered Agent or move to another registered agency service.

The Northwest Registered Agent can do everything manually. The documents can be filed the same day as they are completed, provided that they are available.

All the services that you would expect from a registered agent are available at a reasonable price. There is no upselling by the agent as there is only one flat fee for all services. With the best possible service, you get what you pay for.

Register Agent Services

Northwest Registered Agent’s core mission is to help people without any experience to create legally recognized LLCs, corporations, and non-profits.

They eliminate the need to guess and provide all necessary information for the proper registration of an organization or company.

Many people in the industry consider northwest Registered Agent to be one of the top, if not the most, registered agent services.

They are frequently listed among the best registered agents services.

Price: $125 + State fees

Flat rates are available when you register for business in other states. For up to 4 additional states, the current rate is $125 per State.

If you order the services in one go, the cost is $100 per state for five additional states.

Northwest Registered Agent will ensure that the correct documents are filed for your expansion.

Data secured

Data security is of paramount importance to business owners, especially when they have access to the internet.

Northwest Registered Agent is privy to all data you send to them. No third-party cash exchanges will result in your data being made public.

Guidelines for Corporations

Northwest Registered Agent has over 20 years of experience in this field. We can help you keep your company on the right side with our guidance and business formation expertise.

This means that every state and federal guideline ensures your company meets all government requirements. Northwest ensures privacy


Although it may seem odd to think about privacy while forming your first LLC or corporation, it is important.

This all changes when your mailbox, phone answering service, or email is filled with junk mail and messages from solicitors.

Northwest Registered Agent protects your contact information and address so you can concentrate on your business, not dealing with solicitors or junk mail.

What began as a business opportunity more than 20 years ago has evolved into a passion for helping anyone who wants to create a company, LLC, or corporation to succeed.

Northwest Registered Agent is, therefore, one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the field.

Northwest Registered Agent is available to help anyone looking to start their own business.

The following are some of the services that Northwest Registered Agent offers:

Corporate guides

The vast world of government bureaucracy becomes much smaller and easier to understand when the services are provided. You can reach a representative from Northwest Registered Agent if you have any questions.

Documents are scanned locally.

All documents received at the local registered agent office are scanned to ensure quality control, availability, and customer satisfaction.

Fast and personal service

National Registered Agents are designed to respond quickly to customers and provide complete information.

We provide the best services for you, from the quick filing of forms to easy access to current information.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the services of Northwest Registered Agent.

Do I have to hire a registered agent?

Yes, if you are looking to adhere to state regulations. Although it may seem redundant, the registered agent is an important resource that both state and federal authorities have recognized.

If your business is required to contact the government for any reason, it will not have a registered agent.

What does a Registered Agent do?

The registered agent, also known as Articles of Incorporation (or Articles of Organization), is responsible for filing formation documents with the state to be part of the public record.

This is necessary to create LLCs or Limited Liability Companies.

Why is registration required for registered agents?

The public record will contain the registered agent’s information if the federal or state government contacts a company.

Northwest Registered Agents will quickly forward such documents to the business owners when they receive them from federal or state agencies.

Registered agents must show proof that the business was formally contacted.

A lawsuit cannot be filed unless a registered agent has confirmed that they were contacted.

Why can’t I be my own registered agent?

You can be in some states. There are disadvantages to being your own registered agent.

  • Your personal information and contact information will be published.
  • A lawsuit can be personally served on you in front of your employees
  • Any information that you must update changes
  • You must be available for work during business hours each day
  • You may need to employ a registered agent if your business operates in more than one state.
  • In essence, acting as your registered agent means that you may place a burden on your business.

What should you look for in a registered agent?

You should choose a company with a solid reputation for customer service and a wide range of services to meet your needs if you decide to hire a registered agent.

Northwest Registered Agent was established in 1998 to serve business owners of small businesses and individuals and large corporations and non-profits.

Northwest Registered Agent offers the right services to help you start your business, file the necessary changes, and receive subpoenas discreetly. This allows you to be informed quickly without notifying your employees.

When starting a business, Northwest Registered Agent is known as one of the best registered agents to use.

That’s why after considering pricing, features, and reputation our favorite pick for best registered agent service is Northwest Registered Agent.

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