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Unbiased Weebly Review: Nowadays, one would ask the point of having to create your own website when there’s Etsy, Amazon or Facebook to handle blogs, marketing and sales for you. Self-made websites continue to be relevant as even the biggest YouTube channels have their own websites and websites for special interest groups and stores continue to be created. Which is why anyone who wants to make it big on the web needs to flex a little creativity, spend a little cash and even learn to code a little because what is important here is control. Total control which the big players such as Facebook, Amazon and YouTube can’t and won’t provide. Thus, anyone who wants to become an online player needs to be able to craft a website on their own and there are plenty of one-stop sites on the web for that purpose. One of them is Weebly.

Overview of Weebly

What often intimidates would-be website builders is how much one has to know before being able to build a website. To build something close to say CNN.com, you’d have to know several web programming languages. It’s akin to knowing how to speak Chinese, Japanese, Russian and French at the same time. There’s HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, ASP and more. With website builders like Weebly, prospective website owners only need to know very little. Weebly is one of the best website builders available on the web as it has all of the tools and elements you need at your disposal from creating a personal blog to creating a big online store. We’ll analyze what makes Weebly one of the best and why it’s where you should get started.

Here are some of the things that Weebly has to offer:

  • Only requires an email address to get started
  • An intuitive drag and drop interface
  • More feature rich than other website builders
  • Includes hundreds of templates that suit most types of websites

Visit Weebly https://www.weebly.com

Website development requires tons of time and talent as previously mentioned. You’ll also need the cash and hardware to host the website and even the manpower to develop and maintain it. With Weebly, all you need is vision, passion and a little of your time. If you’re thinking of starting a website for your business, Weebly is the ideal place to go as Weebly has plenty of features enabling you to make use of the many modern elements of websites we take for granted. And because time is of the essence nowadays, even experts go to Weebly to get started.

Plenty of Templates

Website design takes as much as a third of the time needed to create a website. But with the right theme or template, that time can be cut in half or less. Plus, a template will give any website a consistent look. With Weebly, themes come for free and there are hundreds of styles to choose from. To make it easier to choose from those hundreds of templates, they’re categorized as Fun, Sleek, Bold, Minimalist and Corporate. New themes arrive now and then to keep things interesting. And what’s more, many of these templates are themselves customizable through changing color schemes which is great when trying to match with your personal or company logo. Unlike other website builders, you can change your theme at a whim in case you change your mind.

Weebly is Easy to Use

With Weebly, you can create professional looking websites in no time thanks to its easy to use interface. The interface is intuitive enough for newbies to understand. What makes things interesting is Weebly’s drag and drop builder which makes it easy for users to immediately measure the site’s outcome.

The first step in designing a website under Weebly is to choose the appropriate theme. Once chosen, the website editor comes into play with plenty of website elements to choose from at the left side of the screen. These elements are categorized into several sections. These are Basic, Structure, Media, Commerce and More. Elements include images, videos, audio clips, slideshows and surveys. It’s a simple matter for users to choose an element and drag them to the right side of the screen. Users are free to arrange the elements however they see fit and the builder automatically re-arranges the elements already present on the page being edited to accommodate the new element.

Depending on the user’s taste and artistic talent, one can make a webpage in as little as ten minutes since the webpage editor is quite straightforward. Users can build a complete website in less than an hour and they don’t need to know the intricacies of coding to do it. And because Weebly is so easy, all it takes is an email address to get started.


The following are some of Weebly’s many features:

  • Real-time dashboard – allows website owners to see the site’s stats especially traffic and e-commerce activity which is important for small businesses.
  • Drag and Drop interface – as mentioned, what makes Weebly’s website builder intuitive and easy to use is its drag and drop interface.
  • Website customization – Weebly offers plenty of options for website customization aside from its hundreds of themes. Users can use effects such as video backgrounds, gradients, parallax scrolling and customizable color palettes to match your brand.
  • Free website domain – applies to all memberships. There are paid plans with add levels of value-added services.
  • Google Advertising – is included with paid plans. Users are given 100$ worth of advertising credits for only 25$.
  • SEO Guidance – Google advertising won’t matter much if people can’t find your site. Weebly has tons of info on SEO to guide users on how to optimize their sites for search engines.
  • 5-Star Mobile App – nowadays, every major website has its own app including Weebly. The app offers users the same flexibility available in the desktop version, so users can make changes to their websites on-the-go.
  • App Center – another avenue of website customization is the Weebly app-center. Think of these apps as widgets to your Android phone. These small apps can give your site added features especially integration to well-known web services like social media and e-commerce.
  • E-commerce features – speaking of e-commerce, the Weebly editor allows for the creation of online stores for the sale of physical or digital products. These features include product search, inventory maintenance, customer reviews and checkout. Weebly however charges 3% commission for online stores made free with Weebly. This commission drops to 0% when the user subscribes to premium plans. Users can easily accept payments made through Paypal, Square and Stripe. There is even a tax calculator since there’s no way to avoid the piper nowadays. Premium e-commerce features include the ability to accept Apple Pay and Android Pay, product reviews, product badges (to describe stock status), abandoned cart email notification, coupons, gift cards and easy shipping.
  • Other Web features – include site search, memberships and password protection.


Although Weebly is free, there are advantages to be gained from value added services from which Weebly gets its revenue. The updated table below shows Weebly’s various packages.

PackageDescription1-month planYearly plan2-year planSavings
ConnectUse your own domain$7/month$4/month$3/month57%
StarterPersonal use$14/month$8/month$5/month64%
BusinessSmall Businesses$35/month$25/month$21/month40%
PerformancePower Sellers$46/month$38/month$35/month23%

It’s recommended for use users who can afford to pay to get the Pro plan as it’s chosen by many others and is relatively lower from the offerings of similar sites. The two-year pro plan will only cost 9$ a month with the option to put up a store with up to 25 products, high definition audio and video, header slideshows, password-protected pages and up to 100 registered site users.

For those who simply want to get their feet wet, the two-year Starter package would be a great place to start as Weebly allows the user to choose a custom domain name plus the removal of popup ads from Weebly itself. The option to use your own domain name remains available. The starter package also allows the user to create a store with up to ten products.

The Business Plan is great for small businesses as it allows for unlimited products on sale. It also includes inventory management, tax and shipping calculator and the ability to use coupons. The sites for the business plan can have an unlimited number of users. All this available for only 21$ a month.

As mentioned, Weebly makes it easy to create online stores as the builder provides all the needed elements. All Weebly stores include shopping carts with the only difference being the number of products that can be offered depending on the plans.

Marketing and Mobile

Stores can’t make sales on their own without proper marketing and Weebly fortunately includes several marketing tools that include SEO tweaks, Facebook integration, email marketing tools and lead capture forms. And lastly, aside from allowing on-the-go editing on the Weebly mobile app, Weebly themes have been optimized for mobile screens making them more responsive as well as attractive as most people navigate the web through mobile devices.

In Summary

Weebly is an easy-to-use website builder with an intuitive interface and a wide set of features as well as an impressive e-commerce suite that can get anyone started on selling goods online. Plus, websites can be edited on-the-go through the Weebly mobile app. Also, website hosting on Weebly is free-of-charge from all plans.

However, Weebly does not have an undo option to undo any changes. They have to be undone manually. Photo-editing is not integrated, and email services are not built-in. Email services are sourced from Google. Overall these shortcomings fail in comparison to the benefits that Weebly and its plans have to offer. If you want a website for your small business, Weebly is the best place to get started.

Visit Weebly https://www.weebly.com

Weebly Review: All In One Website Builder
Weebly Review: All In One Website Builder 1

Unbiased Weebly Review: Nowadays, one would ask the point of having to create your own website when there’s Etsy, Amazon or Facebook to handle blogs, marketing and sales for you. Self-made websites continue to be relevant as even the biggest YouTube channels have their own websites and websites for special interest groups and stores continue to be created. Which is why anyone who wants

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