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Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine Review: WordPress is currently the engine behind 25% of the internet. It is the most popular content management system/website builder available.

WordPress is powerful, versatile, easy to use, and entirely secure, but it has some weaknesses that need to be managed; some things that the users have no time for.

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Enter WP Engine, the choice for WordPress websites that want top security, speed, and customer service with WordPress experts. Because it’s a specialized form of web hosting, the pricing plans are a bit higher than your garden variety web host.

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But if you value reliability and efficiency in your WordPress-based website, your site needs to live in WP Engine.

WordPress Power in WP Engine

While most websites support WordPress installation, WP Engine’s approach is different. Other web hosts will help you or let you build a house on their lot. WP Engine will let you make the house, but they’ll clean its surroundings, manage traffic around it, clean the insides and even mow the lawn.

It’s called managed WordPress Hosting versus simple web hosting. All the customer needs to worry about is the house’s content.

WP Engine’s expertise in WordPress allows them to ensure that your site operates faster and more efficiently than simple web hosting. WordPress sites are housed in specialized servers with aggressive caching, which helps the websites to run faster.

There will be no need for caching plugins which WP Engine discourages. Their customized servers will do the rest.

Aside from caching, WP Engine experts will look into the customers’ WordPress install to determine issues and isolate performance bottlenecks. These experts will tweak the engine if possible, while the customers can work on elements that they can control.

With WP Engine, support is vital. They are more of a service company than a product company. WP Engine focuses on customer support which is selling a service with rental space on the side. Other hosting services sell customers’ products which is the rental space itself.

When it comes to security WP Engine works on the jobs expected of all WordPress users which include updating to the current version of the WordPress core and its plug-ins; running security plug-ins and keeping daily backups.

In case things go wrong and the customer gets hacked, WP Engine will solve the problem.

WP Engine Plans & Prices

Now, while other hosting sites charge customers as little as two dollars per month, WP Engine charges a minimum of 35$ for their Startup plan. It’s the Apple of the hosting world. But a managed website is a secure and stable website, and as the adage says, you get what you pay for.

  • Risk-free trial for 60 days
  • Free automated website migration
  • Free SSL Certificate and CDN
  • Free Page Performance
Startup PlanGrowth PlanScale PlanPremiumEnterprise
1 Site5 Sites15 Sites25 Sites25 Site
25K visits/mo100K visits/mo400K visits/momillions/momillions/mo
50GB bandwidth200GB bandwidth400GB bandwidth400GB+400GB+
$35 /mo$115 /mo$290/mo??????
10GB storage20GB storage30GB storage1TB storage1TB storage
Shared hosting Shared hostingShared hostingDedicatedClusters

Prices subject to change

The pricing is the main downside to WP Engine but if you count in the maintenance costs of having a developer (or yourself), spend time managing, updating, and ensuring uptime, then the cost is reasonable, and there’s an unaccountable added value when not worrying about technical issues and concentrating on content.

Another con for WP Engine is the reduced versatility as they don’t allow some plug-ins that they deem interferes with the site’s efficiency. Best to listen to or at least haggle with the experts.

Visit WP Engine https://wpengine.com

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