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FatCow is one of many web hosting services available where you can set up your own website without having to worry about maintaining your own infrastructure. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who understand this need now there are hundreds of hosting services in the country adding to the hundreds more of server farms that make up the internet that consumes gigawatts of electricity.

It takes a toll on the environment to produce that kind of electricity and many companies have taken to using renewable energy sources to minimize the impact, and FatCow is one of them. There’s a bit of irony in the name given the amount of methane a fat cow can produce. If you intend to run an environmentally-conscious website and enjoy a little cow humor, then FatCow is for you.

The advantage of signing up for web hosting services like FatCow is that you no longer need to worry about maintaining your own site infrastructure and the massive electricity and internet bills that come with it. Your website will live in a well-maintained data center and the only thing you’ll have to worry about will be the amount of web traffic. All you need to do is sign up for their package plans that get less expensive the longer you intend to stay.

FatCow basically has two types of plans. The twelve-month plan will cost you just 3.67 dollars per month for twelve months, while the 24-month plan is cheaper at 3.15 dollars per month. Now that’s a steal if you intend to set up your own website. The cost to run your own basic website at home could be much more.

But that’s just the base plan as company websites and e-commerce sites (if you intend to sell goods and services) require additional features and customization options. FatCow offers the following to add to the basic package.

  • Daily Automatic Site Backup – 12.95 dollars annually

  • Listing in FatCow’s online directory – 12 dollars annually

  • SiteLock Data Security Package – 12.95 dollars annually

  • Domain Privacy Package – 8.99 dollars annually

  • RatePoint Customer Connection Package – 19.95 dollars per year

Under the original plan, you get the following features:

Hosting and domain features such as

  • Unlimited disk space

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited domains per account

  • Unlimited email addresses

  • Unlimited domain pointing

  • Unlimited subdomains

  • Unlimited domain renewal

  • Registrar transfer

Site building tools such as: web analytics tools

  • Easy-to-use Website builder

  • Integrated Google tools included Webmaster Tools and Custom Search

  • FTP Access

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases

  • Support for Python, PHP, WordPress, and Joomla including script libraries

Marketing, e-commerce, and security features which include

  • 100-dollar Google Adwords Credit

  • 100-dollars-Bing Ads credit

  • 60-day trial Ratepoint Feedback service

  • Secure SSL

  • Paypal integration

  • Credit-card acceptance

  • Daily Server backups

  • Multi-GB connections

  • 2GB Free backup from Carbonite

  • 24/7 phone and email support

Setting up your account and website is fairly easy and you could be ready in as early as 24 hours including domain registration. You don’t need to be tied to their site builder if you only intend to host an already existing website as FatCow supports various content management systems, scripting tools, and add-ons. If for any reason you’re not satisfied within 30 days of signing, they have a money-back guarantee except for the domain registration fee as is the norm on other hosting services.

If you want to host your website elsewhere and cut on costs, gain plenty of features, and help the environment, consider hosting it on FatCow.

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