Incfile vs LegalZoom (A Difference In Pricing)

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Incfile’s LLC and Incorporation Services

Incfile vs. LegalZoom – Who is the best LLC and corporation formation service for the year 2021. In this Incfile review and comparison with Legalzoom, we examine and find all the available services, pricing, and plans for these two business formation services.

Incfile vs. LegalZoom

LegalZoom ‘Express Gold Plan’

$349 LLC Filing, Formation 
$159 LLC Operating Agreement + EIN 
$249 Registered Agent Service One Year 
$69 Compliance Calendar Reminders
= $826. + state fee

Incfile ‘Gold Plan’
LLC Filing, Formation, LLC Operating Agreement, Employer ID Number (EIN), 1st Year Registered Agent Service, Compliance Reminders
= $149. + state fee

Winner Alert!

Incfile Editor’s Choice! 

Incfile $149 + state fee 


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The past few years have been a heyday for many startups. Any feasible idea springs up to become a company, and online legal services such as Incfile and LegalZoom are behind many of those new companies.

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Brief Video: How To Start An LLC

Brief Video: Start An LLC For Free

Starting a company requires more than the basic idea and funding. It involves plenty of paperwork and some legal know-how that not many entrepreneurs have knowledge in, nor have the time to do so.

Online legal services like Incfile assist startups or running businesses with their legal requirements so that the founders can concentrate on the business side.

Incfile's Registered agent service

Business attorneys can cost up to $400-$500+ an hour; this is one reason why entrepreneurs are choosing online legal and document filing services. This article will examine the similarities of Incfile vs. LegalZoom and point out some of the differences, including prices and customer satisfaction.

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Incfile was founded in 2004, and its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas; since then, they have already helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs start their companies. That large customer base makes Incfile a company that can be trusted to help build your company.

Through Incfile, legal assistance to start your company doesn’t cost much. Starting formation prices are $0.00 plus whatever amount your state charges for a filing fee.

Incfile LLC service Silver, Gold and Platinum LLC formation Prices
Incfile's Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages

For $0.00, Incfile’s starting package (Silver) includes the following:

  • Check for company name availability – to check if the company name has already been taken within the state. Much like domain names.
  • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Incorporation – Incfile will be the one to prepare your incorporation documents based on the information you provide and will also do the filing to the state.
  • Free Business Tax Consultation - a free hour-long professional business tax consultation.
  • Next Business Day Processing
  • Online Order Status Tracking
  • Registered Agent Service – free for the first year but costs a still affordable $119  for every succeeding year.

Although Incfile is an online legal assistant, Incfile concentrates on helping new businesses get incorporated, whether it’s a Limited Liability Company, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or a non-profit organization.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, it’s been around long enough to be trusted and has enough experience to become one of the 360 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.

Incfile's Silver Formation Plan

Incfile LLC service Silver Plan

Incfile's Gold Formation Plan

Incfile LLC service Gold LLC formation Package

Incfile's Platinum Formation Plan

Incfile LLC service Platinum LLC formation Package
 After incorporation, the business needs to be compliant with other business requirements of the state. Incfile also helps with:
  • filing annual reports regarding the company’s members, leadership, and business addresses
  • preparation of a certificate of good standing which validates the status of a company which is required for some transactions
  • determining other required business licenses and permits
  • assistance in trademark/brand registrations of the company name, brands, logos, and taglines

Of course, there might be changes along the way to incorporation or while the company is already in operation. Incfile can also help with:

  • Company amendments such as member changes, changes of the business address, and even the company name
  • Foreign qualification in case the business needs to expand to other states
  • Company dissolution

After helping set up the company, Incfile is ready to assist with the company’s taxation needs. Incfile can help assist in acquiring your company’s EIN or Tax ID Number. An EIN is required by companies for tax filing and setting up the company bank account, which Incfile can easily acquire in as short as one day. 

Moreover, then comes the dreaded tax day where individuals and companies compute and file their income tax. Allow yourself and your business a worry-free tax day as Incfile will be doing most of the work, such as filing the required LLC tax forms, S Corporation tax, and C Corporation tax requirements.

So with Incfile, companies need not worry about small legalities and focus on their core business. There’s no need to hire attorneys or expensive law firms.

Incfile LLC Service vs. LegalZoom LLC Service

Incfile isn’t the only player on the web when it comes to online legal assistance. The other well-known player is LegalZoom. What is the difference? Why should you choose one over the other? Note them below and decide according to your company’s needs.

If your company’s legal requirements go beyond incorporation and taxation, it’s LegalZoom from the get-go. If you want to focus on LLC formation, registered agent services, and business taxes, Incfile is the one to go with.

LegalZoom LLC Formation Pricing

LegalZoom LLC formations start at $79.

LegalZoom LLC formation Prices

LegalZoom LLC formation Prices

But what about LegalZoom's Registered Agent Services?

What about LegalZoom's Operating Agreement & EIN? (Employer Identification Number)

These are not on the above list, but they can be found as add-ons

In my opinion, LegalZoom seems pricey!

Legalzoom registered agent service price
LegalZoom LLC operating agreement price

LegalZoom's "Compliance Calendar"


LegalZoom has a "Compliance Calendar" feature to remind customers of due dates, compliance, and requirements. They charge $69 per year.

I'm not sure if this is replacing the "Total Compliance" feature for $280.

The LegalZoom website in 2021 continues to offer "Total Compliance" with the Express Gold Package for $280.

LegalZoom LLC service compliance price for Total Compliance

BTW - Both Incfile and ZenBusiness provide this type of service at no additional charge in their popular LLC packages.

Note - These LLC services can change their pricing and features at any time; we suggest readers do their due diligence and research.

Incfile's LLC formations start at $0.00 and include registered agent services for free for the first year. But after adding the additional services that most people need, like getting an EIN and operating agreement, the most popular Incfile plan is just $149. and provides many more services than LegalZoom does.

Incfile’s list of services 

  • Business formation through LLC or corporation filing
  • Trademark Registration
  • Filing of Business Taxes
  • Business Compliance

LegalZoom’s list of services

  • Business formation through LLC or corporation filing
  • Trademark Registration
  • Business Compliance
  • Speak with an attorney
  • Custom Legal Forms
  • Wills and Trusts

So both companies can help with company formation, trademark registration, and business compliance. Incfile is more affordable than LegalZoom, which starts at $49 versus LegalZoom’s $79.


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Business compliance, however, is more expensive, with Incfile at $88 versus Legalzoom’s $55. Incfile has also competed with Legalzoom in terms of Trademark registration with equal pricing.

When it comes to registered agents, Incfile remains cheaper than Legalzoom. Incfile also does business taxes; therefore, Incfile is beginning to sound right regarding company formation.

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Legalzoom, on the other hand, has had over one million LLC clients versus Incfile’s 500k, making it almost a household name when it comes to legal assistance. Legalzoom could floor Incfile if it improved customer service and also handled business taxes.


Legalzoom can do business taxes and its monthly legal plan though Legalzoom outsources this service to tax professionals who may go the full mile for an added fee.

Incfile’s most significant advantage over Legalzoom is customer service and pricing. And when it comes to business formation, Incfile also wins with the speed of formations. All of Incfile’s package tiers have next-business-day processing.

As for Legalzoom, all its package tiers are equal except for the rate. The most expensive level in Legalzoom nets a result in 10 business days while the cheapest goes for up to 35 days.

Incfile Provides A Tax Service For Your LLC

The best advantage of LegalZoom over Incfile is custom legal forms, which Incfile does not support. Clients can help with legal forms other than incorporation, such as contracts and other legal forms, which are very important in any business. Another advantage of LegalZoom is regular legal advice from attorneys as part of a monthly legal plan.


  • Next business day processing for business formation papers
  • Does business taxes
  • No weekend phone support
  • Additional features and services per tier


  • The fastest business formation processing takes ten days
  • Business tax consultation included in the monthly legal plan
  • Phone support is also available on Saturdays
  • Equal services for all levels
  • Creation of custom legal forms
  • Contact attorneys for legal advice through a monthly business legal plan
  • Other services include work visas, real estate, marriage and divorce, bankruptcy filing, and estate planning.



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Incfile - If you want fast and affordable LLC formation along with the option of tax return services, Incfile is the one.


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LegalZoom - If you want a business with strong brand recognition and additional legal services like wills, trademarks, the option of talking to an attorney, and monthly legal services, LegalZoom is the one.

So basically, you can approach Incfile to help form a company, related services, and business taxation. Incfile is the right choice if the nature of your business does not often expect legal issues. The better option for businesses that regularly need legal help would be to go to LegalZoom or shift later to LegalZoom after starting with Incfile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Legal Services Law Firms?

The answer is no. Online legal services are not law firms. However, they can provide access to legal documents, lawyers, and law firms. Legal advice is only available through the lawyers they connect you to, though it is not attributed to the online legal service. They cannot directly provide legal advice but are handy when filing and submitting legal paperwork.

Can Incfile help me acquire a business license/permit?

The answer is no. Incfile can assist in forming the company as either an LLC, a corporation, or a non-profit organization. Acquiring a business permit is entirely separate, but for $99, Incfile offers the Business License Research Package to obtain a business license through a partnership with License Logix.

Do I need an attorney to form an LLC?

The forming of a Limited Liability Company does not require lawyers, though individual partners can have lawyers present during meetings to protect their respective interests.

Will I get my EIN Tax ID the next day?

We can perform the filing immediately. However, the release of the EIN will be up to the state itself, and you will be notified once done. The same thing goes with company registration. It is dependent on filing times per state.

I already have an EIN; can I use that?

You may use your current EIN with your order. In the case of Incfile, customers will need to fill in the social security number field with zeroes to prevent Incfile from automatically filing for an EIN. Customers need to notify Incfile to include the current EIN for services that require it. Having an existing EIN, however, does not affect the prices of any package.

Can other LLCs be part of an LLC?

Yes. Many states allow for other LLCs, corporations, and companies to be members of an LLC.

Can Non-US residents be part of my business?

In many states, yes. Many states designate that an LLC can be owned by anyone, including a non-US resident, as long as they operate using US tax codes to be taxed accordingly. Incfile can help with this by becoming the company’s Registered Agent.

I want to form an LLC, but I am the sole owner of the business.

Yes. LLCs can be formed by a single individual, thanks to revised IRS regulations permitting single-member LLCs.

Does Incfile offer any discounts or promos?

No. Incfile is already at a highly competitive price point, and it cannot afford to lower its revenue through discount promotions.

What do I need to do for my business to remain compliant?

Compliance requirements depend from state to state, but most states require submitting the Annual Report on the company anniversary. The annual report contains information on the company’s members and an updated business address.

Other requirements include submitting updated company by-laws, proof of yearly director or shareholder meetings, and updated operating agreements for LLCs. Incfile will email you reminders when the report and other requirement submissions are due.

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